Sub-Second Logins - One Day Integrations... We mean SPEED!

At Integral we've been integrating applications for 15 years. We have a tool-kit of Integration Navigators designed to interact with almost any type of system. We integrated SAP with no SAP changes in a day. We integrated Antares Vision and WunderWare InTouch, each, in a few hours. Don't wait. Call us to integrate your system now.

Sub-Second Fingerprint Logins and eSignatures

Is 650ms fast enough for you?

HID digitalPersona Optical Finger Sensors

Integral has been working with and supporting Digitalpersona sensors for 15 years in Life science factories around the world. They last a long time with reliable fast performance to deliver At-a-Touch™ Authentication.

EyeLock MyrisEnterprise Iris sensor

Integral selected the Myris device for its form factor, cost, and performance. For gloved workers there is no better solution. We've tested with glasses, gowns, goggles, contacts, lasik, and numerous combinations to deliver At-a-Glance™ Iris Authentication.

Unique matching improvements

Integral has worked in life sciences manufacturing with top 10 manufacturers for 15 years. Our fingerprint matching is designed uniquely for these users to mitigate the risk of false matches while also delivering superior speed.

Server Side Matching

Integral's solutions combine client side distributed and server side centralized matching and data storage and access to optimize security, privacy, speed, and accuracy.

Easy, user controlled, & Integrated Password Management

Don't let your workers suffer any longer... help them!

Data Integrity with fast, easy, and accurate operator accountability
Our Biometric solutions offer a Strong Quantifiable ROI

See how we are Built for Global Regulated Manufacturers

Integral's products have been in production 24x7x365 for the last 15 years in the world's most demanding life science factories.

Unique Two-Step eSignatures

Our biometric interaction is designed to enable multi-stage eSignatures so that users can confirm matches and provide comments and reasons in their eSignatures.

15 years of Integration Innovation

Integral has a collection of custom navigators designed over the last 15 years to integrate with almost any interface. Citrix. Java, Browser-based, SAP GUI, Electron, RSView, you name it, we've integrated it.

Scaled for Global Enterprise Deployments

Integral's core application servers and clients were designed by AT&T Labs Messaging architecture alumni. Reliability, Scale, Quality, and Efficiency are baked into our souls and our products.

ID At-a-Glance™ and Accurate user Identification & Authentication

Iris Biometric offers the most certain biometric matching in the industry. In under 2 seconds a 1 in 1.225 Trillion unique 2-eye match is made. You want to be certain that Data in your audit trail is Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original, Accurate. Iris biometrics delivers for gloved and non-gloved workers.

Quality, Reliability, Compliance - Focus

GxP Compliant and audited product from Day 1. Designed for regulated manufacturing from the first line of code to the last.

21 CFR Part 11 and EC Annex 11

eSignatures are not all created equal. Our products implement US and EU compliant eSignatures as a standalone solution or Synchronized with other app eSignatures. We also offer multi-step eSignatures to facilitate compliant eSign processes.

GxP Pharma and Med Device Manufacturing

It takes a robust and determined focus on Quality to deliver mission critical authentication solutions. Plus a lot of customer audits... 15 years of Computer Systems Validations have produced an exceedingly reliable product designed with GxP requirements from the beginning.

Work with us to make passwords and related delays a relic of the past. Integral’s Integrated Biometric Identifier offers At-a-Glance™ and At-a-Touch™ biometric authentication with rapid and easy multi-factor biometric authentication with your Finger and/or Eye. This provides a level of efficiency, compliance, and security not possible with typed logins and passwords or swipe cards. Cost effective Iris sensors at each workstation offer 2 second matches with industry leading liveness detection and unique matching (no two pairs of Irises are alike.) Fingerprint sensors offer sub-second logins for non-gloved workers or can be used in conjunction with Iris matching to offer un-paralleled identity assurance and operator accountability.

“The shop floor operators told us in our Town Hall meeting that installing Integral Biometrics was the best thing we’ve done for them in the last 10 years.”
Belgium Pharma (under NDA)
Business Excellence Lead
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