VIBES – Biometrics for Thin Clients

Integral VIBES - Virtualized Integrated Biometrics for Enterprise Solutions

Our Biometric Authentication Automation now enables Iris and Fingerprint Biometrics plus RFID devices for Thin Clients in Virtualized Operating Environments.

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Citrix Storefront and Xenapp 7.x

Our Vibes solution enables Iris, Finger, or RFID-based Biometric Logins, multi-step GxP eSignatures, and Password management for Citrix Storefront enabled applications. We've done the work to enable Citrix Policies and Windows settings and our solution has undergone Validation testing.

Microsoft RDP with RemoteFX

Microsoft RDP requires unique configurations to enable support for Biometric Devices on thin clients. Our solution enables Iris, Fingerprint, and RFID devices for Authentication Automation and Integration with Thin Client accessed applications over RDP using RemoteFX. Ask us about our solution.

ThinManager with VSphere

We offer Biometric Logins and Password Management for supply chain applications hosted on ThinManager and VSphere. Working with devices like Advantech, Arista, iGel, Dell Wyse and others has given us the expertise to apply our design and tech to new devices. Ask us if your device is not listed.

Biometrics Designed for Virtualization

Integral's Vibes Client and Sensor Redirection solutions are explicitly designed and tested to operate in Virtual Architectures and support Thin and Zero Clients. Global Pharma and Med Device manufacturers have specialized needs and our products are designed to fulfill them.

The right devices for GxP environments.

For the last 15 years Integral has been serving one market; Regulated Life Science Manufacturers.

From our first product release to our most recent, our products have been designed, implemented, and validated specifically for GxP Pharmaceutical and Medical Device manufacturing facilities.

Don't trust your identity management, PII security, and manufacturing line throughput to just anybody. We provide proven excellent, reliable, and integrated biometric solutions.

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