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We deliver innovative and reliable biometric integration for Life Science manufacturers. Trust via Identity and Quality via values

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Let's all Forget Passwords! Life is Better with Biometrics.

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We grew up in factories:

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SDLC, CSV, ISO, Lean... every release we've ever done has been released within a QMS.

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Manufacturing, Documentation, Record Keeping... these all have best practices and our products and people make them better.

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My Grandfather came to America after escaping facism and war in Europe  and settled in New Jersey and ran a family owned embroidery factory in West New York, NJ.

My father earned an Engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology but wound up deciding to join his dad to expand and run the factory.  As I grew up, I spent a lot of time with them in that factory learning many life skills.  I learned the importance of maintaining machines properly and having good and specific tools for every unique job.  I learned that my Grandmother was able to do what the machines could do by hand and fix mistakes.  I learned how important it is to hire good people that understand what it takes to deliver quality product and to take care of those people and be loyal and fair to them.  I even learned how to create binary punch scroll instructions to guide an embroidery machine.  Most importantly, I learned that quality product at fair prices leads to loyal repeat customers and the ability to sleep at night. 

My dad offered to have me join the business when I graduated college, but I decided to go my own way into digital technology based products.  The interesting convergence in my life came about when later in my career, I wound up partnering with my Swiss engineering associates from AT&T Labs whom I had worked together with to form a company.  We developed a Biometric Identification and Integration product for use by Life Science Manufacturers.  In doing research on the pharma space, I learned that pharmaceutical manufacturing technologies in drug delivery were developed partly by accident in Switzerland by textile manufacturers who discovered that their dyes permeated the cell barrier very effectively.  Scientists discovered that they could deliver therapeutics via this dye and this revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry.  Learning this and knowing how I came upon the idea for our Biometric product (contact me if you would like to hear more about that) I feel like what we’re doing here at Integral represents a convergence of life influences for me and I am exactly where I belong now.  I hope you find our products compelling and see that we can deliver these to you with excellence that will revolutionize your operations. 

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