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Our customers use Biometric Eye and Fingerprint identification to streamline logins, eSignatures, and password management.

Operator Accountability is achieved through end-to-end Biometric Logging in the Supply Chain for next-level Data Integrity.

Iris Biometric forgloved workers
Fingerprint Biometrics fast and easy
eSignature and Password Management Automation

Forget Passwords! Use our At-a-Glance or At-a-Touch Authentication

Integral offers Multi-Factor Biometrics

Logins, eSignatures & Password Management enabled by multiple biometric matches from best-in-class biometric devices.

Iris / Eye

1 in 1,225,000,000 unique match. Hands Free, Fast, Inexpensive, Utterly Unique and Easy!


Proven, Fast, Easy, Inexpensive, and Accurate. 1 on 1,500,000 unique match.

Finger + ECG

Always-on Authentication with Fingerprint identification and ECG liveness wearable.

A Powerful Productivity Solution for Pharma and Medical Device Manufacturers

Reduce your costs while increasing Quality , Security, Ease-of-use, and Productivity.

Data Integrity

Generate original records in your supply chain that are full Attributable, Accurate, Contemporaneous, and Biometrically verified.

Speed and Accuracy

Login and eSign into integrated apps in under 2 seconds.

Rapid Integration

Integral's custom toolkit and 15 years of evolution makes integration with most applications on nearly any platform fast and easy.

Cutting Edge Security

End-to end security using proven industry best-practice encryption technology.

Innovative Multi-Factor Biometric Authentication

Focused on integrating best-in-class biometric devices specific to the life science manufacturing environment.

Quality and Reliabilty

In production for 15 years with 24x7x365 availability for mission critical operations in the worlds' top Pharmaceutical, Med Device, and personal hygiene products manufacturers.

Enable At-a-Glance or At-a-Touch Biometric simplicity with SAP, Rockwell, Siemens, Wunderware, Tulip, Antares Vision, UL, and others with Integral's integrated platform.

Why wait? Don't you think it's about time you used Biometrics?
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