Remote Authentication Device for Data Integrity

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    Integral's Remote Authentication Device - IB RAD - Plug and Play Biometric Authentication

  • How many different HMIs do you have on your shop floor?

    Use Integral RADs to know who is doing what, where, and when.


    Radical Innovation, automation, and ease of use for your Data integrity user logging and tracking.

Leverage Cutting edge tech to give life to your old equipment

Don't replace your old shop floor equipment just to be able to definitively track user activity. Deploy our Remote Authentication devices with integrated Biometric sensors (Eye or Finger) and get reliable, auditable, user presence and activity logs or uniquely identifiable user logins with any system that works with a standard keyboard.

World Class CGMP Compliant Logging

  1. Attributable – Biometric Identification establishes reliable and accurate operator identity associated with manufacturing activity.
  2. Legible – Delivers digital audit logs in a secure database available for reporting and analysis. 
  3. Contemporaneous – Real-time logging and recording of operator activity on the shop floor.
  4. Original – No Paper, no copies, no modification possible in our Part 11, CFR 21 and EC Annex 11 compliant audit log records.
  5. Accurate – Iris Biometrics achieves 2.250 TRILLION to 1 accuracy in matching.  Integral’s audit logs are 21 CFR Part 11  compliant and are fully verifiable and tamper-proofed.

More Info…  (WHO Annex 5 – Guidance on good data and record management practices Appendix 1 – pg 192)

To Achieve Data Integrity in your operations, you must track operator activity in your supply chain.

With our Biometric Identification solutions, you can enable full traceability and accountability in activity logs.

In recent years, FDA has increasingly observed CGMP violations involving data integrity during CGMP inspections.

FDA expects that all data be reliable and accurate and comply with 21 CFR parts 210, 211, and 212.  

EMA GMP guidance on Data Integrity is in alignment with FDA and emphasizes taking a risk based approach to data integrity.

Data integrity is an important component of industry’s responsibility to ensure the safety, efficacy, and quality of drugs, and of FDA’s ability to protect the public health.

Firms should implement meaningful and effective strategies to manage their data integrity risks based on their process understanding and knowledge management of technologies and business models.


No software installation or integration. Deploy keystroke scripts, not code!

Powerful Features - Remote Auth Device

+ Virtual Remote Keyboard, + Biometric sensor network bridge, + Monitoring and Metrics, +TLS 1.2 security, + USB or Bluetooth + Wireless connectivity. + Ask us about Blockchain Logging.

IB RAD - LogBook

Mount the Integral Biometrics (IB) RAD with integrated Iris or Finger sensor to any manufacturing machine (no HMI or computer required) and associate it with our web provisioning tool to be able to identify machine operators and log their GxP related actions to a central DB audit log. 
Say goodbye to paper logs.


The Integrated Virtual Remote Keyboard, hosted on the RAD, enables HMI logins without software installation or integration.  Powered by USB, and wirelessly accessible, the IB RAD I-VRK  types users’ credentials using simple login scripts into nearly any computing platform that recognizes a standard keyboard.   Ask about our Bluetooth version! 
Zero thin client?  Can do! 

IB RAD - Multi

Deploy numerous fingerprint sensors to any shop floor manufacturing equipment and enable full operator accountability with fingerprint biometric based identification and logging.
The Multi solution offers many flexible cost effective designs for deploying the LogBook functionality.  

Modern, Innovative, & Flexible

Not available anywhere else, our innovative RAD platform delivers Data Integrity Biometric Solutions

Fingerprint and Iris Biometrics

Our biometric sensors are specifically selected for regulated manufacturing environments. 15 years working in these spaces guide our hardware decisions.

Low cost hardware

The Integral Biometric Remote Authentication Device uses a low-cost Raspberry Pi Zero W platform which will not stress your budget.

USB Powered

Plug our device into an available USB port to provide both power and interconnectivity for login integration. Connect via Wifi for ease of deployment. The Bluetooth connected device will require direct power, but offers additional installation flexibility.

No-Code Integration

The IB RAD Integrated Virtual Remote Keyboard sends standard keystrokes over a standard USB (or bluetooth) connection. By pre-scripting the interaction with HMI login screens we enable logins without installing code on your platform.

Broad Compatibility

If your system works with a standard keyboard, then our system can deliver authentication and data integrity

IB RAD LogBook

No computing device to login to? No problem. Even buttons and knob based HMIs benefit from our Biometric user presence and activity logs. Deploy the RAD device with a supported biometric sensor and provision with our web tool. Users will never be anonymous actors again.

"No more anonymous "Operator" logins and paper records. I love this idea!."
Sonya Rodriguez
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"Fantastic! Integral's products have changed the speed and quality of our operations in so many ways."
Jean Bartholomew
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This RAD device virtual keyboard seems to work with almost anything.
Isabelle Starin
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